Background Reaching the 150th year of bringing out the biscuits – Arnott’s had a true reason to celebrate. It was a milestone which offered us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the rich and long story of Arnott’s biscuits as we set-out to revitalise and re-awaken the pride, we as Australians, have for this iconic brand. Challenge The Arnott’s packaging had remained untouched for 7 years and there was a balance of taking our loyal existing customers with us whilst appealing to the next generation. Solution We wanted to reflect the pride all Australians feel for Arnott’s through our packaging in a way which was relevant today and for the next 150 years. The Arnott’s logo itself became the beacon of pride. For generations the colour red has been the colour of Arnotts. It was the colour of the livery trucks and early biscuit tins, but somewhere on the journey, red was forgotten. We brought it back into the packaging in a bold way and saw an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers and Arnotts employees alike. Suddenly we were reminded of all the wonderful ways Arnotts has played a role in our lives. Designed whilst Design Director of Consumer Brands at Landor.

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